An unforgettable vacation in the Crimea for the New Year 2012

New-year holiday in Yalta is a wonderful method to conduct time which is created by the unforgettable atmosphere of fairy-tale in Crimea. With every New Year Yalta becomes more popular in a winter season, large companies of persons interested to meet unsurpassed New Year here, showing considerable interest to winter Crimea.

Winter Yalta is a game of four elements. Surprisingly to see when at the temperature of air higher than zero, in mountains confidently and snow lies enormous arrays. Unhastily rising to the top of mountain of Ay-Petri, it is possible on eyes to see how water grows into a snow-white cover, brightly passing to us a new-year mood.

One sigh of winter, fresh, Crimean air is enough to feel deeply his healthful properties, the habitants of large cities will estimate this dignity above all things. Temperature of air in Yalta considerable part of the winter is on a mark higher than zero, that allows comfort itself to feel even without a winter head-dress, but in the case of melancholy on a winter cold and frost, mountains and forest will help you to enjoy incomparably by a winter weather.

Crimean earth in the period of sultry summer heat, warmed up abundantly, keeping warmly in lowlands all of the winter, in a complex with the ridge of the Crimean mountains and long not cooling off Black sea create in Yalta an unique climate, allowing to sprout here to the great number of unique types of plants and trees. The rare phenomenon can be seen in Yalta on New Year are palms covering with snow - striking scene.

In new-year night eaten up Yalta the varicoloured fires of thousands of bangers attended with rejoicing of enormous amount of guests of city, arriving here on new-year holidays. All of embankment is dressed up as a continuous new-year tree, every tree is decorated the fairy-tale fires.

Basic attribute of New Year is wonderful, high, beautiful New Year’s fir-tree, traditionally disposed on embankment of Yalta, collects round itself crowds of people, carries gladness and anticipations of comings new-year holidays. Round the New Year’s fir-tree are favorite Ded Moroz and Snegurochka, entertaining and giving gifts kids. Looking on all of it, involuntarily present appearance of ideal holiday, select from childhood.

Yalta on the New Year is able to bring mass of terms for pleasant winter rest. Amateurs will sweep on mountain slopes, always can accomplish it, hiring: skiing, snowboard, sledges et cetera. A walk on a snowmobile on the plateau of the Crimean mountains will deliver the lots of positive emotions, to the driver of this interesting transport vehicle. A number of the bright impressions is assured you in these festive new-year days in Crimea. As perfectly to meet New Year in a large house at a crackling fire-place by a merry friendly company, when after the window of hundred fires, snow-white mountains, marine smooth surface, reflecting varicoloured fires.

Written by Go Hotels
30 December 2011

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