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12 March 2014

Tour Operators - Predictions on tourist season 2014

Yatsenyuk said last week that "the Crimean tourist season thwarted." In fact, many forums all over the Crimea talk about mass annulation. Given that the main income residents Peninsula accounted for the summer, to which remained a matter months, and the tourist flow is formed mostly tourists from Ukraine and Russia, which have unwittingly embroiled in a political conflict, this question is relevant for the tourist industries of both countries.

01 September 2012

In struggle for potential tourists hotels of the Carpathians promise discounts up to 30%

Seasonality of hotel business in regions such as Crimea and Carpathians forces most owners to use a variety of marketing strategies for attraction of new clients and optimization of cash flows. So, analysis of proposals for acommodation of guests in hotels of Bukovel existing on 01 September 2012, made by our website, allows to make a conclusion about the fact that almost all owners of hotels (from elite hotels till private estates) are carried out an unprecedented action for early booking now.

24 July 2012


What is notable for you in New year? Each has its own answer, but the main thing that makes that holiday different from other celebrations - it's a sense of mystery and magic, which gives us a threshold of New Year and Christmas holidays. Most people think that New year is the most cheerful holiday for all ages, as many people say. And really, regardless of gender, age and social position, all the people want to dream, to listen to chiming clock and clinking of glasses with champagne with sinking heart, to believe that next year will be more successful, happier, richer...

25 June 2012

Bukovel with children

The rest with children in Bukovel seems to be a bad idea for many people. But the excellent conditions for children make it possible to have a rest for you and your kids. There is a kindergarten «Children Club» in Bukovel, where you can bring a child (from 4 years), children's room with a labyrinth and the great number of toys, «Leopark» and the children's ski and snowboard school, where children from 3 years can learn skiing and children from 6 years can learn snowboarding.

20 April 2012

Rest in Bukovel 2012

The famous ski resort of Bukovel offers a great number of entertainments and leisure versions also in the summer. The picturesque green mountains are the perfect health resort, and the annual children's camp allows children to have a rest here almost all the summer.


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