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20 July 2021

Лучший отдых Одессе с GoHotels!

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altОдесса - прекрасный город для семейного отдыха. В Одессе множество мест забав для детей, как для малышей, так и для ребят постарше. В Одессе постоянно организуются детские фестивали и мероприятия

07 July 2021

"Passage" in Odessa

alt"Passage" has been one of the symbols of Odessa for over a century. This luxurious building has been decorating the city center since 1899.

The shopping center "Passage" was built by the order of a respectable Odessa merchant and businessman Moisey Yakovlevich Mendelevich. At one time, he was the owner of a very large commercial and industrial enterprise “M. Ya. Mendelevich ”, which specialized in the export of grain products and was located on the Jewish street, or rather in the house of Ksida. Under the glass roof of the Passage, various souvenir, antique and art shops, as well as shops with Ukrainian national clothes and with things from Ukrainian manufacturers, operate all year round. In the neighborhood there is a men's hairdressing salon "Tsirulnya Preobrazhensky", a French coffee shop Pierre - La Sweet Boutique and a couple of other establishments where you can have a bite. Basically, the focus is on souvenir and clothing stores. "Passage" is a quite compact gallery, which, if desired, can be walked through in a few minutes. But hardly any of the carefree guests of the city will have an idea to go through the "Passage" as soon as possible - the architectural splendor is striking and makes you immensely lift your head, looking at the stucco moldings, sculptures and various decorative elements.

29 June 2021

The best beaches of Odessa

altNo matter how rich in sights Odessa is, no matter how famous Privoz and Starokonny market are, no matter how delicious caviar from blue, forshmak and meatballs are in local restaurants-tourists come here for the sake of clean and spacious beaches.

15 June 2021

Castle Schonborn

alt Schönborn Castle - the pearl of the Carpathians

The refined silhouette of the Schönborn Palace with slender Gothic towers in the Beregvar tract floats out of the emerald forest thickets, like a fairy mirage. Count Schönborn-Buchheim built the Schönborn castle in the Carpathians from 1890 to 1895. Initially, a wooden summer residence of such a famous family stood on the site of a modern castle, and 50 years later a majestic palace in the neo-romanticism style was erected. The palace began its history with a small wooden house, which dates back to 1840. It was located in the Beregvar tract, which was owned by the counts of Shenborny. Accordingly, it is called differently. And the castle itself, which you can see with your own eyes, built by the Earl of the Schönborn family, Erwin Friedrich Schönborn-Buchheim in 1890-1895. During the construction of the castle, the astronomical system known at that time was used. The number of windows corresponded to the number of days in a year, the number of rooms was equal to the number of weeks, and twelve exits from the castle symbolized twelve months. The windows and doors were adorned with elaborate stained-glass windows based on biblical stories. Four towers towered over the palace, which differ in shape and size. Each tower was crowned with a weather vane. Now the territory of the castle is surrounded by an excellent garden, laid out in the middle of the 19th century. The real decoration of the garden is a small lake, the contours of which repeat the map of the past Austro-Hungarian Empire. Currently, in the garden you can see rare varieties of decorative trees: boxwood, Canadian spruce, catalpa, Weymouth pine, sakura, which Earl of Schönborn brought here in person, pink beech.

25 May 2021

Optimisticheskaya cave

< img src= "images/stories/main-tourist.png "alt=" alt "align= "left" />Some tourists who travel in Ukraine to the Carpathians, Lviv, Kiev or other cities often do not even think about the fact that Ukraine also has many unique caves, most of which are located on the territory of the Ternopil region. And the longest of them is the Optimisticheskaya cave, the length of the labyrinths of which is 252 km. In addition, the Optimistic Cave is the longest gypsum cave in the world, as well as the second longest in the world.


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