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29 April 2021

The history of the Easter holiday

Easter is an amazing, bright holiday. He unites people, fills our souls with love, joy, the desire to forgive and share warmth with others./p>

09 April 2021

Dead Sea

Some states of the world are rich in beautiful pink lakes. But, in Ukraine there are also similar natural wonders. The secret of the extraordinary color of these reservoirs lies in the action of Dunaliella brackish algae, which, under the influence of the sun, produce beta-carotene.

01 April 2021

History of the Potemkin Stairs

There are many strikingly beautiful, unusual places in the world that attract our views and thoughts. One of them - Odessa - "pearl by the sea", and its framing - beautiful places, once seeing which, I want to return to them again and again.

26 March 2021

Oleshkovsky sands

Ukraine is an amazing country. It has everything: caves, lakes, canyons, and even its own desert.

19 March 2021

Summer vacation with GoHotels

The summer sun and the long-awaited vacation beckon with anticipation of travel and fresh, bright impressions. You can enjoy a holiday by the sea, but there is another alternative - to discover the amazing corners of our country.


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