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14 May 2020

Bukovel introduces quarantine relief

Bukovel resort resumes its work on May 15 - hotels, villas are still closed for booking, but there is an opportunity to come to ride on a lift.




28 April 2020

Quarantine is not the time to lose heart!

The steps of the hot summer are already audible, which means Odessa, Koblevo, the Iron Port, as well as the warm Azov - Kirillovka, Berdyansk are preparing to open their doors to the full to enjoy the vacation. Now many hotels, inns and boarding houses book rooms in full, and many even hold promotions with a discount of up to 20%. Cheer up, because summer will come anyway and the sun will envelop each of us with its rays.


14 April 2020

Hurry to organize an unforgettable summer vacation


Sunny and warm days are increasingly setting up for an unforgettable summer vacation. Where to go in the summer - to the Black Sea or Azov coast or the mountain Carpathian peaks? This decision will be left to each of the tourists, since only individual wishes are taken into account here. The wide sea spaces of Ukraine are rich in choice, because such resorts as Koblevo, Odessa, Gribovka, Kurortnoye, Zhelezny Port, Kirillovka, Berdyansk, Lazurnoe are ready to receive guests. But rest in the mountains can be considered in such famous villages: Bukovel, Yaremche, Yablunitsa, Tatar, Mikulichin, Dragobrat - they all fascinate with their unforgettable landscapes of their native Carpathian peaks. In turn, wherever the choice stops, vacationers will not have problems with the choice of hotels, hotels, cafes, restaurants, excursions, bike rental.

28 February 2020

Discounts up to - 60%!

Unbelievable discounts in Bukovel hotels!

19 February 2020

Velvet season 2020

Bukovel invites you to the velvet season 2020.


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