Announces & Events

19 March 2019

Velvet season

The heart of the Carpathian Mountains "Bukovel" invites you to the velvet season from March 24!

04 March 2019

Plans for the summer

Outside, the weather is still very sad and depressing, and for each of us going out on the street every day turns into an ordeal, because to dress warmly, and then with such a reluctance to go out into the frost-piercing shivering with the wind or cold rain, you don’t feel like it.

11 February 2019

Bukovel invites all lovers to the feast of St. Valentine's Day

Celebrate the unforgettable day of lovers in the heart of the Carpathians.

05 February 2019

Free accommodation with children under 12 years old in Bukovel - this is possible .. !!

Until the end of February, Bukovel has a hot action "free accommodation for children under 12 years old".

04 February 2019

Winter promotions continue to delight and warm everyone with their unexpected promotions

The hottest discounts up to - 40% expect holidaymakers during their stay on vacation.


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