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15 May 2019

Day embroidery 2019

Brand new holiday "Day embroidery" for a short period managed to catch the fancy of Ukrainians. This celebration appeared in 2006 in Chernivtsi and very soon spread throughout our country, winning national love. The initiative of a student, Lesya Voronuk, to wear an embroidery was able to develop into a favorite holiday and became known far beyond its borders.

07 May 2019

Victory Day over Nazism

Soon there will come one of the most exciting and painful holidays - Victory Day over Nazism.

22 April 2019

Rest in Zatoke

Zatoka is a hospitable urban-type settlement, which is conveniently located near Odessa on a sandy spit between the Black Sea and the Dniester estuary.

16 April 2019

Spend summer holidays in the Carpathians

Frosts and snow are long gone, but this is not a reason to miss the rest in the Carpathians. After all, this fascinating region is glad to welcome its guests at any time of the year. Leaving the noisy and bustling city and feeling like a piece of nature here is a dream of many. Hotels, hotels and chalets in Yaremche, Bukovel and Yablunitsa are happy to meet again and again guests who are tired of the sandy beaches and the hot sun.

28 March 2019

Early booking!

Summer is very close and time to make a plan for the hottest season of the year!


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