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10 September 2019

Early booking!

The hot summer closed its doors and a beautiful and enchanting autumn again knocked on us. A time of riot of colors, cool evenings, aromatic coffee on the terrace and the first breaths of cool air. When you are still not tired of your impressions after a bright summer vacation and dream of re-feeling the carefree atmosphere of pleasant meetings with friends, adrenaline and pleasure. Autumn is a good time to think over and plan your winter holiday.

11 July 2019

"Fest Quarter" is now in Bukovel

Hurry to cheer yourself and your loved ones at the Quarter Fest festival.

04 June 2019

Artek - Bukovel invites!

"Artek-Bukovel" invites you to summer recreation for children and has already prepared interesting entertainment for them and an unforgettable holiday.

15 May 2019

Day embroidery 2019

Brand new holiday "Day embroidery" for a short period managed to catch the fancy of Ukrainians. This celebration appeared in 2006 in Chernivtsi and very soon spread throughout our country, winning national love. The initiative of a student, Lesya Voronuk, to wear an embroidery was able to develop into a favorite holiday and became known far beyond its borders.

07 May 2019

Victory Day over Nazism

Soon there will come one of the most exciting and painful holidays - Victory Day over Nazism.


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